Space Saving Tips for Your Loft Conversion

Space Saving Tips for Your Loft Conversion

When it comes to any loft conversion, space is always at a premium. In fact, creating more space is one of the biggest challenges for any project. Here’s how you can get more of it!

Raise it up

If you’re turning the loft into an extra bedroom, then the first thing you need to figure out is where to put the bed. This will probably take up a lot of space, which can be a bit of a pain if you’re short on room. But there is an easy solution – raised beds. There are a great way to maximise every inch of space. Pete Joiner from Loft conversion North London says more people than ever are considering extending as opposed to moving.

Get creative

Another major design issue is accessing your new loft space. After all, there’s no point in putting in the work on a conversion if you can’t get in and out quickly. But again, new staircases will take up lots of room and can be an awkward part of the design process. If you’re looking for a streamlined approach, try a tight spiralling staircase or a fold-out set of stairs that takes up minimal space.

Fitted furniture

Rather than just filling up the loft with furniture, try incorporating it into the existing space. Window seats, fitted wardrobes, raised beds, or multi-functional furniture will help you squeeze out every drop of potential from your conversion. Shape furniture to fit those sloping ceilings for a quick loft design hack, and see every nook and cranny not as a problem, but as a possible design feature.

Work with your loft, not against

Sometimes the path of least resistance is the best option. This is especially true when it comes to any loft conversion. You might have a vision of your perfect loft conversion in your mind, but will it really fit in that space? Or are you willing to fork out serious cash to make it happen? So take a long look at the loft and adapt your vision accordingly. Work with the space, not against it. Get creative, and view it as an exciting challenge rather than a problematic problem. Lofts come in all shapes and sizes, so learn to embrace your space!

Work that shelf space

Taking a creative approach to finding more storage solutions is one of the best ways to save and create space in any loft conversion. Shelves add an extra layer to a room while helping keep it clutter-free. Again, optimize all the nooks and odd little corners. Just an extra few shelves in these otherwise ignored spots will free up additional space which can be put to much better use.

And if you’re still stuck for ideas, talk to the pros at Touchstone Lofts London. The trusted team of builders never cut a corner and always complete every job to the highest standard. Every loft design is put together by a structural engineer, so you can let the real experts do the really hard work!

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